About Malaysia 50 Sen Coin Value

The Security-Edged 50 Sen Coin 1967 - 1969
Most Malaysian 50 Sen coins issued from 1967 - 1968 should probably be found in EF condition and with security edge. The market value of these security-edged coins has gone up higher than the nominal coin value over the years. The 50 Sen coin of 1969 year production is comparatively more attractive for collection as the mintage quantity in that year is only 2,000,000 pieces, being the lowest within the yearly mintage  period from 1967 - 1988.

 The Milled edge 50 Sen Coin 1967 -1969
These Milled edge 50 sen coins are very rare coins and can easily fetch more than RM300 for EF condition if you are lucky to find one. And year 1969 coins will definitely be very much higher than RM300. 

BU and UNC collections for any of these coins will bring the most lucrative investment rewards for collectors.

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